Cultural Heritage Traveler Report Available!

The U.S. Department of Commerce – Office of Travel and Tourism Industries released the first Cultural Heritage Visitor (CHV) Profile today.  The CHV profile includes select characteristics of overseas visitors who participated in one or more of the following activities:

  • art gallery or museum
  • concert/play/musical
  • cultural heritage sites
  • ethnic heritage sites
  • American Indian community
  • historical places
  • national parks
Nearly 15,4 million overseas cultural heritage travelers visited the United States during 2010,, outpacing the average growth of all overseas arrivals to the United States (14% and 11%, respectively).  Since 2004, the number of CHV travelers increased from 10.6 million (68.7% of the market) to the current 15.4 million or 71.2 percent of all overseas visitors.
CHV travelers take longer to plan their trips and book their flights earlier than the average overseas visitor. They tend to be more first-time travelers, stay longer in the United States, and visit more destinations than the average traveler.
Read the entire 2010 Industry Sector Profile: Cultural Heritage for more details about:
  • Number of Cultural Heritage Visitors
  • Country of Origin of Cultural Heritage Visitors
  • Information Sources Used
  • Main Purpose of Trip (Visit to the U.S.)
  • All Purposes of the Trip
  • Transportation Types Used in the U.S.
  • Activity Participation While in the U.S.
  • U.S. Destinations (Regions) Visited
  • Select Traveler Characteristics

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